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About us

Our Story

SGCompany pursues to create positive experiences for as many people as possible. We write and sing gospel music, mainly composed by choir members and our musical director, Aril Schøld. We also cover our favourite contemporary and traditional gospel songs and spirituals. We do gospel concerts, christmas concerts, run open rehearsals, invite to gospel church-happenings and publish self written singles and albums.The choir currently consists of about 70 members, from age 20 to around 50, and several members has been a part of the choir since the very beginning in 1997.


Within its genre, SGCompany is at the forefront in Norway. The three pillars of the choir is musical excellence, a supportive social atmosphere and spiritual curiosity and growth. SGCompany considers it important that its members should contribute in all areas, creating an arena for different voices and different people to grow and thrive. The choir has been blessed with some incredible soloists, as good singers from across the city have congregated to a choir known for its supportive and musically talented membership. The choir does several concerts per year, as well as performances in churches, the local prison and other institutions/venues. Over the years, the choir has done many tours including London, New York, Cameroon in Africa, Chicago, South Africa and St.Louis.  This has given the choir an opportunity to meet and experience societies where gospel music is an integral part of everyday life, and has provided much inspiration to its members.

November 2008

SGCompany released its debut CD, with the help of the Chicago-based gospel group Light of Love. This incredible sibling group has during the last decade worked with artists such as Andrae Crouch, Albertina Walker, Shirley Caesar, TOTO, Bobby McFerrin, George Michael, and a range of other eminent US artists. Co-operating with Light of Love has given SGCompany a unique opportunity to recreate the American gospel culture in Norway, while adding the choir’s tight sound and upbeat music. Most of the songs on the album are composed by members of the choir, and arranged by SGCompany’s conductor, in cooperation with Light of Love. The music tracks were recorded at Carl Wheeler’s studio, with musicians handpicked by him and Light of Love. Combining the best of US musicians and artists with an almost all-white European gospel choir provides a unique sound, which brings novelty to an established genre. It creates a bridge between those who created the music and those who have embraced it and made it their own,
thus making it relevant for new and old listeners alike.

Late 2014

we released our newest album SGCompany & Family «Faithful» in the US, touring St.Louis (Singing at the COGIC 107th Holy Convocation)  and Chicago (Singing in New Life Covenant Church, St. Sabina, Salem Baptist Church…) March 7th 2015 we released the album in Stavanger, Norway, with special guest Kim Burrell. The album feature amazing artists/pastors such as Donald Lawrence, Kim Burrell, Judith McAllister, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Pastor John Hannah, Cinque Cullar and Samuel Ljungblahd (Swe). We consider them as our family. A new amazing chapter has started. And still we say, the best is yet to come.

Bringing the Gospel's Joy to Every Heart, Every Note, Every Soul

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